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We design seed technologies based on the machines of our German partner PETKUS Technologie. Batch dressers are designed for batch dressing of all types of seed. We offer a variety of models, which we will ideally match to the customer's needs.


Zaprawiarki porcjowe
  • capacity from 10 to 30 t/h
  • gentle treatment of the seeds
  • uniform and even application of mortar
  • high precision seed metering
  • automatic control
  • data documentation

Batch dressers are designed to dress seed before sowing to ensure a high yield. They dose the seed in portions and then mix it in the spray chamber where it is covered with a fine mist of mortar, which is spread by the spray disc. The finely atomised liquid guarantees a uniform coating of seed coverage.

Advantages include gentle seed handling and uniform seed coverage, high precision seed metering and an automatic control system.