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ZUPTOR horizontal feed mixers are designed for the preparation of dry concentrated feed. They can operate independently or in automated crushing and mixing lines. Horizontal mixers enable high quality feed mixtures to be obtained.


Mieszalniki poziome
  • Load capacity from 100 kg to 2000 kg
  • perfectly blended feed 1:100 000
  • very short mixing time of 4 - 6 minutes
  • complete emptying of the mixing chamber
  • possibility to connect a scale
  • adding oil to the 5%
  • Agitator position adjustment mechanism (optional)
  • can be made of stainless or acid resistant steel

500 kg

  • Type: H710/1
  • Capacity (m3): 1,2
  • Engine (kW): 5,5
  • Mixing time (min.): 4-6
  • Length (m): 1,90
  • Height (m): 1,35
  • Width (m): 1,71

1000 kg

  • Type: H710
  • Capacity (m3): 2,2
  • Engine (kW): 11,0
  • Mixing time (min.): 4-6
  • Length (m): 2,30
  • Height (m): 1,60
  • Width (m): 1,80

1500 kg

  • Type: H710/5
  • Capacity (m3): 3,3
  • Engine (kW): 18,5
  • Mixing time (min.): 4-6
  • Length (m): 2,75
  • Height (m): 1,80
  • Width (m): 2,0

2000 kg

  • Type: H710/6
  • Capacity (m3): 4,5
  • Engine (kW): 22,5
  • Mixing time (min.): 4-6
  • Length (m): 3,28
  • Height (m): 2,03
  • Width (m): 2,30

ZUPTOR horizontal fodder mixers are dedicated to those who want to achieve a high quality feed mix. Loading of individual components is usually carried out from a buffer tank located above the mixer or by means of screw conveyors.

The internal mixing system is a ribbon mixer, which completely fills the mixer chamber. This ensures a high degree of homogeneity of the mixture during the mixing process.

Discharge from the mixer can take place via a screw conveyor, belt feeder or redler. The great advantage of horizontal mixers, apart from the high quality of the mix obtained, is the short mixing time and the rapid unloading of the finished feed.

Horizontal mixers are most often used in extended mixing lines; they are ideal for automated systems where high capacity and accuracy of mixing of the finished feed is sought.